Random roadside California

While traveling down one of many highways of California, I spotted this ruined old home and just had to take some shots. I thought the light was bad, but my mate insisted we stop. So we did.

Exploring Bodie, California

I just got back from a trip to the USA with a week road tripping with my two good mates. We managed to get out to the abandoned ghost town of Bodie.

Bodie is a former gold-mining town and State Historic Park in California’s Bodie Hills, near the Nevada border. This 19th-century ghost town encompasses numerous original buildings in varying states of decay, plus artifacts and the Masonic Cemetery. Miners Union Hall houses a museum with mining tools. Northeast is the Standard Gold Mill, with machinery and information about the process of gold extraction.

We found the town to be pretty empty except the many, many parks officers guarding the place. They where all super nice and well armed. Strange to see so many guns. The message is. Don’t fk with Bodie. Continue reading Exploring Bodie, California

A visit to the abandoned village of Crater Cove

With winter receeding and the weather around Sydney starting to clear up. It is time for more adventure.

I had heard of Crater Cove around the traps, but never knew how to get there. It is a closely guarded secret, just like the little village it self.

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The tunnels of North Head Fort

If you haven’t already checked out part one of this. I strongly suggest you do! Don’t worry, I will wait while you go and check it out.

These photos were taken during the official tour. It started off by showing us a lot of things that went bang and another thing that looked cool and gave off as much light as a small sun. Continue reading The tunnels of North Head Fort

The North Head Fort

I had a nice walk around the North Head Fort. It is an old facility that made up part of Sydney Harbor’s defenses and the coastal defenses network of Australia.

From 1934, defence facilities were installed on the headland but were wound down in 1945. From 1953, there was a School of Artillery and it used the former defence facilities. The harbour reserve was established in 1979. The School of Artillery relocated to Puckapunyal army base in Victoria in 1998, but an artillery museum remains on the headland. In 2001, the site was passed to the Sydney Harbour Federation Trust for management. In 2010 the artillery collection was moved to the Army Museum Bandiana in Victoria; the Trust plans to establish an exhibition on the defence of Sydney on the site. There are still remains of the gunemplacements and artificial tunnels used by the army, many of which can be seen either by the public or on guided tours.

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