More bunkers of Middle Head

I recently headed back out to Middle Head bunkers. It’s had a lot of work done on it recently. Cleaning up the site and excavating ruins of the older fortifications. But that’s another story which I will do soon. I love this place 🙂

On this trip I wanted to check out a bunker I spotted on Google Earth. This is what I found.

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Fort Banks, Botany Bay

Fort Banks is a large coastal fortification setup to defend Botany Bay. It existed pre-WW2 but received an upgrade of two 9.2 inch guns around this time. The fort these days is slowly being buried by the drifting dunes and plant life. Indeed finding entrances to it now involves crawing through bushes and contortions to get in. But once inside you’ll find a large underground complex to explore. The photos below come from two visits to the site and I think there is even more to find.

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The abandoned Hotel in the middle of the Australian bush

According to local law, the Fretus Hotel started life as hotel in Sans Souci, NSW Australia. When the owner John Fretus fell on hard times, he made a rather bad decision. He decided to demolish the hotel and take the stone and materials to the middle of no-where and rebuild it.

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The hidden tunnels of St James Station, Sydney

Behind one of Sydney’s underground stations lies a labyrinth of disused tunnels. Many built for train lines that never eventuated and now lay dormant. Some have seen some seen use as a mushroom farm and film sets for movies such as The Matrix Revolutions and The Tunnel. But today they sit empty. Slowly filling with water. So much so that one of the big tunnels is now considered an underwater lake.

Today these tunnels are a popular spot for underground adventurers. Though it is highly illegal. Lucky for me, there were some official tours of these tunnels lead by a local historical group. So here are my photos from that tour.

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